Frequently Asked Questions

If you believe your payout took longer than 5.5.hours (9am-9pm Costa Rica) you can request a 10% credit (based on your withdrawal) in the game room you cashed out of. To process follow the instructions below. This guarantee does not apply to situations out of our control (Ex: you had your funds in the game room safe and so we could not access them).

Yes, if you play in a game room certain things like your IP address are recorded. We use these for banking disputes and game malfunction. You can view our privacy policy by clicking here.

We can’t give legal advice but our understanding is if you aren’t in one of those states currently when you play you should be fine.

We have in the past. Please submit a ticket (in the footer) and let us know what you would like to offer us.

Yeah, we’re not perfect either. We do our best to keep all of our players happy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work. There have been times as well where we dropped the ball. We may have been busy and someone got overlooked. We ask that you complete a ticket and let us make it right. But if someone believes their best course is to leave a bad review we respect that. We don’t delete our bad reviews because we want full transparency and we are proud we have very few. It’s also is a reminder of the importance of communication.

You can see reviews on our site’s Facebook accounts (find the Facebook link on the Contact page). You can also see reviews for at  by clicking here.

Our company is registered in Las Vegas. We have a representative and legal counsel based in San Jose, Newyork.

For those that have won a significant amount and would like a lump sum immediate cash payment we may offer you the game developers going rate for game credits. We would rather pay players over the developers and this is a way to purchase more of the game credits we need and put money in your pocket right away.

Games of skill do not use random number generators like typical casino games. We have no way of controlling money brought in versus money paid out. For this reason, all fish table skill sites have daily limits set to help control cash flow and ensure we have money to pay out at all times. Money left in your account after a payout is still available for payout on the next day. Your funds are not seized.